More and more customers are choosing to use Wintruck,  their TMS for containers activity  from a cloud platform: what are the advantages?

For users of Wintruck the freight transport management software, access from the cloud is a comfortable day-to-day ease of access.

For the enterprise, the Wintruck cloud-based solution allows users at all branches to connect without the company having to invest in secure connection devices; the economy is real.

The multi-agency business obviously finds its interest in this, but not only that, this solution is naturally open to teleworking. And users will be able to choose to work from their home or office.

In addition, the IT security systems to meet the requirements of PCA (business continuity plan) and Cyber-security are of a very high level because they are shared.

On the finance side, the company takes out a subscription and therefore does not have to tie up its finances for the purchase of equipment and software for managing the transport of containers, batches, dumpsters or tanks.

This solution is indicated when you connect WT mobile, the E-cmr module for Android which also allows drivers to receive their transport assignments and keep them informed of their progress. You need help ? 2SN supports companies that want to adapt or transform to digital