Digitals solutions for business performance

From planning to activity analysis, manage all your transport activity

On the port or on the road, the Wintruck suite optimize your productivity

Optimiser votre productivitéOptimize your productivity

Exploiter l’intelligence de la dataExploit the data’s intelligence

Améliorer l’expérience clientsImprove customer’s experience

Agir en mobilitéBe mobile and connected

Simply effective !


2SN support you in your digital transformation through innovatives solutions for help you to develope your perform

adapted to road transport and logistics professions. 

Discover our know haw !

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2 months ago
2sn Certifie vos factures électroniques simplement. Pourquoi faire compliqué ?
2 months ago
Confier à l'équipe de 2SN qui réalise Wintruck vos projets personnalisés, c'est vous assurer une équipe de pros.
5 months ago
Dematerialized invoices and unified E-cmr are already saving significant time and money with Wintruck TMS