Wintruck carrier software and ecmr on the road

The management of electronic CMR  with the Android apps “Wintruck mobile” has been launched on the roads for some time.

This process of updating the consignment note in real time via the Android module of the Wintruck suite allows the operator to be informed in real time by the driver of the progress of the missions and to inform customers of the delivery stages and incidents such as delays at the very moment when the event occurs or simply at the end of the mission.

The invoice can be automatically terminated and associated with the consignment note (E-cmr) and send to the customer.

These two integrated processes make it possible to optimize the processes and save a lot of time for the driver of a party who will no longer have to complete his waybills by hand, the filing cabinet for checks, telephone to inform about the progress of ” a mission and on the other hand to managers who will be able to take on more missions because they will no longer have to re-enter the elements of the consignment note or the photocopier to establish the invoice, print, classify, distribute orders paper missions, call the drivers to find out where they are in etc etc …

The “Wintruck Mobile” app works connected to Wintruck and represents one of the links in the dematerialization chain of exchanges with electronic invoicing and EDI links already available.

Wintruck is a management software for road transporters, containers, lots and pallets, tipper tanks etc… do by and for carriers