TMS for the shipping container business

Interview with Pierre Gérard Fontaine, director of 2SN, editor of Wintruck:

-Rachel: Can you explain in a few words what Wintruck is?

-PGF: Wintruck is a TMS for the shipping container business which equips goods transport companies in France and Europe, the majority of our customers transport maritime containers by road or at the port with the port traction module. Wintruck also responds to conventional carriers who do groupage.

– Rachel: How do your customers benefit from choosing Wintruck?

-PGF: One of the main assets of Wintruck are the users, many of whom do not hesitate to advertise it to their contacts. I take this opportunity to thank them warmly.

Wintruck features are defined by our customers and challenged by users from multiple companies before being released. This makes the product very pragmatic and operational.

Wintruck is the only TMS today to integrate a mobile application dedicated to container transport with an equally integrated Documents Management. This tool saves a lot of time for our customers

Rachel: What is Wintruck’s functional range?

-PGF: Wintruck is an ERP for trucking, i.e. it offers a very complete range of software functions for the shipping container business activity, it integrates all the operational management functionalities, order taking to invoicing, planning and organization of transport missions, charter management, warehouse monitoring, CDE (computer data exchanges) with third parties, Ecmr management and missions on the drivers’ tablets or smartphones and many other features all designed to be quickly adopted and improve the daily lives of users.

Although our specialty is container transport management, Wintruck also includes other modules to manage conventional transport, groupage and port traction activities which also evolve regularly.

Rachel: Speaking of evolution, what are the new features announced?

PGF: 2SN has been innovating since its creation and we are used to announcing new features once they have been tested by our pilot customers.

Transport companies and particularly container transport companies face an accumulation of short and medium term challenges never experienced to my knowledge:

Ecological issues require them to further significantly reduce the CO2 impact of their activity. In France, this impact has already decreased by 12% (FNTR figures)

Europe’s objectives require accelerating the process and this cannot be done both without changing the organization of missions and without investing in equipment or infrastructure.

The context of rising interest rates, rising fuel prices and falling imports, driven in particular by the fall in household consumption due to the energy crisis and the uncontrolled inflation that we are experiencing, are not more favorable for investment.

With the drop in volumes, supply becoming stronger than demand, companies have the greatest difficulty in impacting this inflation in their prices.

The attention of consumers focused on the origin of products and their ecological and social impact modifies the processes of the supply chain which must ensure reliable traceability of the products offered.

By integrating new technologies such as blockchain for traceability and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into Wintruck’s processes, taking into account the very likely impact on organizational change through the adoption of low-carbon means of transport, we are working to help our customers meet new market requirements while optimizing the organization of missions to enable them to reduce their CO2 impact by limiting the variation in their overall cost.