Secure electronic invoices and unified e-CMR what challenges for the transport company?

Sending electronic invoices already saves time and money when this process is automated. No more printing on printers, handling paper, cartridges, printer media, envelopes, stamps and time spent.

The Cmr which will have been photographed and sent by the driver and stored in the EDM or automatically generated from his mobile and synchronized in your EDM, increases the time saving of the entire management chain when these documents are automatically attached to dematerialized invoices

setting up your secure electronic invoicing involves additional processes which must also be automated in order not to lose the benefit of the gains obtained.

Authenticating and certifying your sending of documents becomes mandatory, however, it will allow you to time-stamp the sending and receipt of documents and prevent modification if the technology used is inviolable

This is exactly what the Wusent API offers. Once authenticated, you send your documents to your customers without changing your current processes because Wusent takes care of the rest and the technology used is deemed tamper-proof.